Personalised Knitting Cup


Fabulous knitting cup with a ball of wool and personalised with a name or word above the image.

For all your knitting (and crocheting) friends! Buy one for yourself, buy them for your knitting group!

This is for a personalised cup – specify a name or word that will be put above the blue wool image (will be similar to the scissors and thread picture and I  have mocked up a cup for you – didn’t get a chance to get one produced before launch doh!).

The cup has a slightly curved lip shape making it lovely to drink from.

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NOTE: this is a personalised product that is created just for you. We get the images and names professionally printed then hand place them on each of the cups and fire them in a kiln to ensure they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

ORDERING TIME: Orders are open for two weeks.

PROCESSING TIME: Once the ordering period is finished we will start creating the names and images, firing the cups in the kiln, cooling them and then packaging them. Processing time will take three weeks.

DELIVERY TIMES:  We aim to be starting to send packages out mid November.

INTERNATIONAL: We are willing to post internationally but be warned it is EXPENSIVE! For 1 cup to the USA will cost approximately $25 AUD on top of the price of the cup. Please contact us to place an international order.