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Crescent by Ruby Star Society

By August 22, 2019August 27th, 2019blog

Woohoo! It has arrived! I have been hanging out so long to see the new releases by Ruby Star Society and finally it has arrived 🙂

The Fab 5 know how to package their fabrics! Beautiful ribbon, hang tags and the FQ bundle has a cardboard backing with the Ruby Star Society logo on it… awesome!

The bundle comes with Sarah Watts illustrations and includes the cream panel as well as her Brushed Coordinates. Take a look at the video to see each fabric in detail

And just in case you want to have a picture to have a nice close look at… here are all the fabrics laid out in all their glory!

Hehe… you might have got the hint that I really LOVE these! I am even coping with the orange in there!

Sadly all our FQ Bundles are sold out, but we do have a little bit of the blue bear fabric on the bolt as well as the cream panel (which is fantastic value!) and also the Unicorn panel will be available when it arrives a little later in the year.

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