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Icy Poles Sew Along – North Stars Quilt

By November 14, 2018May 31st, 2019blog, Icy Poles Sew Along

Wow, what a ride this Icy Poles Sew Along has been! Here is a link to all the blog posts for the #icypolessal.

I have worked very hard over the past couple of weeks to get my North Stars Quilt finished and quilted. I have been getting more interested in free motion quilting so I wanted to use this quilt to practice some different motifs from my default loopy loop!

And wow… what fun it was! Almost 10 hours went into this quilting! Time just disappears when you are swirling and pulling up threads and deciding what the fox should say…. 😀

So here is my quilt! [not yet bound and not super cute photo shoot as yet, been a bit busy with that pesky day job!]

I went with a snow storm / swirling wind kind of motif for the background…. it was fun to do!

And this is what the fox says….. SWIRLS ARE A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND! Hehe… yep, I was really getting into those swirls!

And as this quilt is called North Stars… there needed to be a North Star in there…. so I paper pieced a star using the Atomic Starburst pattern from Violet Craft and it was just perfect to fill in a bit of space around the rather small Lucille Seal 🙂

And I must say I was a bit chuffed with my owl quilting…. so far from perfect, but it was great to try new things and have them look fun! And to be excited to try some of these things again on my next projects and improve my skills!

So, that is it… [insert a few tears here!]…. this is the end of the sew along!

Thank you so much for joining in, commenting and generally sharing the ride! I will be selecting prize winners later this week (you have until Thursday evening AEDT to post your pics on facebook or Instagram to be in the finished projects prizes!) and hopefully a few pics of this quilt in a proper photo shoot later.

Stay tuned for details in the New Year about the Norm & Nannette gnome sew along – more great Elizabeth Hartman patterns and fun coming your way!

This quilt is one my fourth quarter Finishalongs #2018FAL  #2018FALSWL


  • Your quilt is beautiful and all the quilting details are going to fun to enjoy and explore as it is being used!

    • SWL says:

      Thanks Yvonne! I have now given this to a friend as her daughter LOVES narwhals!! So great to see it go to a good home where it will be used and loved!

  • Ella says:

    Those swirls are divine! Did you do it on a domestic? The quilt is beautiful. Congrats on your sew-along! On behalf of the FAL crew, thank you for linking up!

    • SWL says:

      Hi Ella, yes these were done on my domestic machine – the last quilt I quilted before I got my longarm! And thanks for hosting the Finish Along!

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