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Icy Poles Sew Along – Week 14 Nora

By October 31, 2018blog, Icy Poles Sew Along

And this is my very last penguin story! I hope you have enjoyed them all? I have had a ball writing them all up for you.

So here is

Nora West

Nora hadn’t been happy for quite a while now…. her husband…. whom she has nicknamed Voldemort (he who shall not be named…) left her almost two years ago and she hadn’t been very happy before that either!

Sitting out on the porch one evening watching her daughter Cheri play with their neighbour Solay it suddenly hit her…. SHE was in control of how she feels… and she was sick of being sad and angry. Nora stood up and ran over to Cheri and grabbed her up and swung her around in her arms, laughing loudly (and possibly a little hysterically…)

“We are going on a holiday!” she proclaimed! “And we are taking Solay and Aimee with us.” The two girls looked at Nora like she had two heads… but they got excited after a little bit and they all headed off to tell Aimee the news!

“I think we should go skiing in New Zealand and we can fly in a big plane!” said Solay….. “or surfing at Bell’s Beach in Australia and see some cute surfer penguins!” said Cheri…. Aimee just sat there with a stunned look on her face not really comprehending that her friend was shouting them to a holiday!

Nora looked at the other three and said…. “We are going to the Arctic!….. We are going to go on quite a FEW big planes and we are going to the northern hemisphere and we are going see the North Star”.


And here endeth all the Penguin Family stories… from the traditional families, to the non-traditional and to realising that ‘family’ is what you make of it and with whom you make it.  Thank you to all of my quilting family for coming along on this Icy Poles adventure with me!

There are still two more weeks to post pictures of your finished projects (or quilt tops)… can’t wait to show you my Penguin Party finished Quilt!

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