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Inaugural WIP Weekend

By May 22, 2018blog

As I am tidying up after the Inaugural WIP weekend here at the Said With Love Quilt Barn, I can’t but help to reflect on quilting and all the joys it has brought me.

From going to my first ever quilt class way, way back in the dim dark ages, to sitting in a room of like-minded quilters and the long, sometimes frustrating and lonely road in between the two, I am so happy about where quilting has brought me now!

I love quilting (ok, so addicted might be a better word!), but finding others who share my passion and enjoy it as much as I?…. Priceless!

The calm before the weekend fun!

So, back to the first Said With Love WIP weekend :

8 women, most of whom had never laid eyes on each other before, spent two fun-filled days in the Quilt Barn, talking and sewing and sharing their precious weekend together.

Karen’s hand sewn blocks

From the levels of laughing and sharing of contact information going on, it was a huge success! But to see women, who as we all know have our own trials, tribulations and internal demons to fight, sitting together and sharing time, laughter and that common thread (yep, pun intended!) of sewing, was heart warming.

Denise’s quilt columns coming together very nicely!

I have been sick with a nasty cold all week but being part of this group of women for the weekend really picked me up!

There was hand sewing and machine piecing and blocks put up onto the design wall and quilts finished and quilty advice asked (and given) and finishes admired and photographed and a wonderful sharing of knowledge and fabric love!

Gerry’s stunning hand sewn blocks

We walked into the Quilt Barn as people with the same hobby and we walked out as friends. I might still be a little sick so excuse me for being a bit sappy, but it was a pretty darn good feeling!

Our wonderful group (minus Cindy who left early to catch her flight) Janine, Denise, Jenny, Gerry, Caroline, Karen and Vicki

Thanks to all the ladies who made this weekend so great!

And if you would like to come and experience a WIP weekend at the Quilt Barn, go to our Classes page to see what is coming up.

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