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Jerry’s Jelly Roll Rig

By June 29, 2019blog

Confession time…. I am just a little bit addicted to making Jelly Roll Rugs! I have made two already and a third is on the go.

Have you made one yet?

However, the most painful part of making the rugs (and why I don’t have about 20 of them already!) is it takes soooooo much time to get it to the ball stage!

Kim (@kimhouselrice on Instagram) messaged me after I had been doing a little bit of whinging about the time it takes to tell me about the Jerry’s Jelly Roll Rig tool.


I contacted Hip Stitches ABQ (they make this cool tool and only sell them in the US) to see if I could get some here in Australia. Fast forward to a box of these goodies arriving on my doorstep!

It makes things SOOOO much quicker! I made a video showing you how easy it is to use and how it will make your jelly roll rug sewing much more enjoyable!

And now you can get them here in Australia! We have a limited number of them available now on the website. And don’t fall off your chair at the price ladies…. the Aussie dollar is NOT doing well at the moment and shipping was a b**ch 🙁 But I am pretty sure if you plan on more than one jelly roll rug you will get your money’s worth!

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