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As of 20th Feb 2021 we are NOT accepting quilts at the moment. When we are caught up we will re-enable this form.

Terms and Conditions

  • I agree that pictures of my quilt top may be used by Said With Love on social media including Facebook, Instagram and the SWL Blog.
  • I understand that the final cost may vary but that I will be consulted for approval if the final cost will be more than discussed.
  • I, having the authority as the owner or authorised agent of this quilt, agree that the work will be done according to these instructions in a manner consistent with the ability of the longarm machines and of the quilter whose work I have seen. Dissatisfaction with the options chosen will NOT result in a discount or refund. Said With Love is not responsible for any damage to the quilt from any cause that is beyond its control.
  • I understand that Said With Love provides a hand guided free motion quilting service and as such is not perfect. The quilting patterns will be unique.
  • I understand that Said With Love will provide the best service they can, however things such as pieced backings and non-square tops and backs may result in pleats and puckers. Said With Love will discuss any of these occurrences with you prior to completing your quilt.
  • I understand that a variety of marking methods may be used on my quilt top. Said With Love makes every attempt to remove the markings before sending back your quilt. There are some times (very rarely) when faint markings will still be visible. Usually these will come out upon the first laundering of the quilt in cold water. While every effort is made to use removable markers, Said With Love cannot guarantee all markings will come out completely.
  • I agree to pay the outstanding balance at collection or prior to postage of the finished quilt. Any postage fees will be added to the final cost. Any quilt not paid within 30 days of final invoice will be sold with profit to be retained by Said With Love. Deposit will be forfeited.
  • Should I decide to cancel this quilt order prior to work commencing, I agree that a $50 consultation fee will be retained by Said With Love.

Once you have filled in the form above (MAKE sure you have clicked on the “Submit your quilt now” button!) you can pay for your longarm quilting deposit.

Pay your Longarm Quilting deposit now