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Project Sweetwater

By March 26, 2020blog

I have collected Sweetwater fabrics for quite a while now….. my favourite probably being Feed Company (which I made my original Farm Girl Vintage quilt with).

And I have looked longingly at the subscription boxes that they have been putting out the last year or so….. and in January I finally decided it was time to sign up!

They revealed that their next Project Sweetwater box was going to be called True Blue. As an Aussie, I couldn’t resist.

True Blue is a bit of Aussie slang meaning (taken from a response to the question ‘what is the meaning of true blue in Australia?’ from Quora) “

True blue is slang meaning ‘quintessentially Australian’. It means about the same as dinky die, which comes from the term fair dinkum, which generally means ‘true’. It means a person or a happening or an attitude embodies the qualities of Australian-ness that most Australians like to believe make us who we are.”

So you can see…. it was always going to find it’s way to my house!

Check out the full unboxing HERE!

The panel that is included in the True Blue box is gorgeous… and HUGE! They are 18″ blocks.

And the one that caught my breath is of course the HOME block. Perfect for our time now where we are all but confined to our homes to see if we can keep the Coronavirus under control across the globe.

I can’t wait to start making the various projects that are included in the box.

And I might even try some of the slow stitching embellishments for them!

Here are the full contents (ummm… the chocolate cookie packet is actually empty in this shot….. I scoffed them straight away after filming!! They were delicious.)

The included patterns look great, the panel is awesome and there is additional canvas fabric and some darker blue and the towelling fabric as well.

A lovely box!

Sadly our Aussie dollar has plummeted, so I will not be able to get another box just yet… but I am crossing my fingers that things will improve next year and I can get some more of these.

And if you want to hear an Aussie song ‘True Blue’ check out this youtube video by John Williamson. I now have that stuck in my head….

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