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Put a Pin in it!

By July 12, 2019July 16th, 2019blog

Today is the day my Put a Pin in it! pin hoop pattern is released in Make Modern Magazine!

I have been wanting to find somewhere to put all my cute enamel pins (thanks Jodie of RicRacSews for addicting me to these!!) and everything I had tried as display for them just hasn’t worked for me….

So I created the Put a Pin in it! pin hoop!

Not only heaps of space in the actual embroidery hoop itself, but sooooo much extra space on the ribbons as well!

I have mine hanging on the wall in my craft room, just above my cutting table so I can look at them all the time 🙂

And now I am so going to be able to buy some more pins! (oh, and maybe a bigger hoop too!) 😀

The pattern is in the Make Modern Magazine and explains how to make it so the back looks lovely, the ribbons are attached well and the pins stay stuck in there!

If you would like to purchase this Issue you have a few options!


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