Hanging with My Gnomies Sew Along


We all had such fun with the Penguin Party sew along last year and I think these Norm and Nanette gnomes are going to be just as much fun!

Elizabeth Hartman really does know how to create a cute pattern!

This is a relaxed sew along…. what that means is I have a rough schedule and I will stick to it, however you can come along with me for the ride for ALL the blocks, or you can make a smaller quilt, or just a block or two, a cushion perhaps?

There is no pressure at all. Just enjoy the fun of sewing up these cuties with others from all around the world and share the love by commenting and liking their progress.

There may be a few prizes as we go along, we will see!

We start on the 25th Feb with our fabric pull and planning and end up on 18th May with the finished projects showcase!

How the Sew Along Will Work

You decide how many gnomes you want to make….. lots and lots, or just one.

And you don’t have to make a quilt…. you can make a block and turn it into a cushion, make a few and make a table runner, whatever you like.

The fun of sew alongs is that we can all support and cheer each other as we sew these gorgeous blocks!

This sew along will be happening on both Instagram AND on Facebook so that we can all join in, no matter what social media outlet is our favourite.

You don’t have to post on both (unless you want to!).

I still have a couple of the paper patterns available in my online shop

Buy Norm & Nanette Pattern here

Or once they are gone, you can purchase the PDF version of the pattern from the designer’s website direct at https://ohfransson.bigcartel.com/ ๐Ÿ™‚

The Schedule

So…. as usual I am going to make things a little harder for myself…. I am doing a double sided quilt!

Yes, I am doing Norm and Nanette gnomes on the front and Hank the giant gnome as the ‘backing’ ๐Ÿ™‚ Check out the first blog post link below to see what Hank is all about!

This is the rough schedule for the Sew Along… again, I re-iterate, you aren’t committed to this unless you want to, just make however many blocks YOU want to make!

  • 25th Feb – let’s get started, fabric pull and what you plan to do
  • 2nd Mar – two blocks: maybe a Norm and a Nanette?
  • 9th Mar – two blocks: maybe get into a rhythm and do two Norms
  • 16th Mar – two blocks: and still more Norms
  • 23rd Mar – two blocks: get twitchy and make two Nanettes
  • 30th Mar – two blocks: two more Nanettes
  • 6th Apr – a rest week to catch up or do something else like celebrate @thefabrichusband’s rather important birthday!
  • 13th Apr – two blocks
  • 20th Apr – two blocks
  • 27th Apr – two blocks
  • 4th May – last two blocks
  • 18th May – finished project showcase

In between all these I will be making Hank the giant gnome as well… he is pretty darn cute!

Connecting With Others and Keeping Up to Date

This sew along is being run on Instagram AND on Facebook

On Instagram you can connect with others who are participating by using the hashtag :ย #hangingwithmygnomiesSAL

On Facebook please join in the Said With Love Sew Along group so you can share your blocks and progress there and also use the hashtag #hangingwithmygnomiessal

You can follow me on Instagram @said_with_love and on Facebook Said With Love

To make sure you donโ€™t miss anything, sign up to follow my blog (every blog post will be emailed to you โ€“ sign up form is in the footer of this page) and register for my newsletter, also in the footer below ๐Ÿ™‚


We may have some prizes during the sew along to spice things up a bit…. will let you know who we line up!

Look forward to seeing you over on Instagram and in the Said With Love Sew Along Facebook Group to see the gorgeous blocks everyone is going to be making!

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