By Annie Stiletto

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The By Annie stiletto is a precision placement tool:

  • The stiletto point enables you to hold pieces in place easily.
  • You can keep the tip of the stiletto in place on the fabric almost until the needle reaches the point.
  • The point of the stiletto is sand ground which means it is lovingly “roughed up”.
  • The high-carbon German-made steel point is strong and inserted deep into the handle for long-lasting wear.
  • The other end of the tool is angled at just the right degree to make a surface for pressing seams open.
  • The entire tool is made of quality European beech wood which is lacquer-finished for long-lasting wear and a smooth finish.
  • Flattened edges on each side of the tool prevent it from rolling off your work space.

You will wonder how you every survived without one next to your sewing machine!

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