Charm Collective 2019

$80.00 inc GST

The Charm Collective is a great way to use up your beautiful charm packs (5″ squares) that are sitting around in your stash just waiting for that right project.

We have 12 projects for you throughout 2019 that will have you cracking open those charm packs and sewing up a storm!

There are 9 paid patterns (one of which will be first published in a magazine) and 3 free patterns that will be on the blog.

Sign up for the Charm Collective and and we will send you all 12 patterns via email on the first Thursday of each month (even the free ones will be created in a PDF and sent to you). The pattern that appears in the magazine will be sent to you two months after it has appeared in the magazine.

The patterns are mostly quilts of varying sizes, however there might be one fun item in there that isn’t a quilt!

All of these patterns are designed by me so you know they are going to use up as much of your precious charm pack fabric as possible as I hate waste!

And if you sign up at some point during the year, we will send you all the patterns that have been released so far 🙂

The RRP for all these patterns comes to $113! So buying the Charm Collective bundle is a huge saving 🙂

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Our patterns for the year will be Bunting Charmer, Simply Charming, 3 Panes a Charm, Charm Bot, Charming Flower Box, Charm Framed, String Charm, Diamonds are the Charm, Charm Basket, Charm Fringed and two surprises!