Tula Pink – Curiouser and Curiouser – Alice Sugar Strip

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Tula Pink’s Curiouser and Curiouser is her Alice in Wonderland collection and this print features the main character – Alice – Alice sits in a sweet wreath of daisies with her cat Dinah on her shoulder in the Sugar colourway. In the background are the white rabbits poised to lead Alice down the rabbit hole.

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PLEASE NOTE: Fabric is sold as a 8.5″ strip by the width of fabric. This keeps the queens intact and you get 5 of them across the fabric. Put in 1 for a single strip (approximately 21.5cm x 112cm)
Put in 2 for a strip 2 queens wide (approximately 43cm x 112cm)
Put in 3 for a strip 3 queens wide (approximately 64.5cm x 112cm) and
Put in 4 for a strip 4 queens wide (approximately 86cm x 112cm)

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