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The Avenue Cushion

By February 23, 2022blog, The Avenue QAL

After I had finished my The Avenue quilt (to read more about that head here) I had a few left over curved blocks that I didn’t use because they didn’t have enough contrast to my background fabrics.

But they were curves! And they had taken time and patience and love….. so I thought I better use them up in a small project…… and The Avenue Cushion was created!

It isn’t exactly the same as The Avenue trees…. as I had more of the curves sewn than I had realised…. so these are mop top trees!

I did my usual enclosed zip in the back of the cushion (which is really simple and easy to do and I must film a video next time I make one to show you!)

See how you can hardly even SEE the zip? : )

I kept the zip pretty neutral this time, in keeping with the cushion, but I love to put a pop of colourful zip in there most times!

And I did the quilting on my Janome 9450 domestic sewing machine…. as you know I am a longarm quilter, so quilting on my domestic isn’t something I do that often, but I wanted to try a large spiral on each of the trees and it worked pretty well!

And then some straight line quilting on all the other parts of the cushion. It was an enjoyable evening of quilting and then binding in front of the TV.

What do you do with orphan or test blocks after a project is finished?


  • Susan says:

    Very nice & I do like that zip insertion so I’d love to learn how to do it. I’ve put zips in clothing but usually do buttons on cushions. Thanks for sharing, take care and hugs.

    • SWL says:

      Hi Susan, I will try and get that tutorial done soon! It is so easy when you know how and I think it looks so good. Keep an eye out!

  • Anorina says:

    Love your avenue cushion. I really want to make an Avenue quilt … one day 🙂

    • SWL says:

      Thanks Anorina! The quilt pattern is really good and – even given that it involves curved piecing! – not that hard. Go ahead, schedule it in somewhere! <3

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