Longarm Quilting Services

Said With Love is now offering a longarm quilting service here at the Quilt Barn near Daylesford, Victoria!

We do edge to edge (all over designs) on our Bernina Q24 longarm quilting machine and we would love to quilt your quilt tops for you.

Freehand / hand guided designs all over your quilt tops will enhance your piecing and get those quilt tops out of the cupboard and into the hands of loved ones!

So unearth those quilt tops that are stashed away waiting to be finished and send them to us!

Read all about our process, pricing and delivery details below.

Then you can fill out the online form (see button below) and tell us all about the quilt you want quilted. We will contact you to discuss timing and delivery details as well as the cost for your quilt.

If you are local you can then drop the quilt top off or if you aren’t quite so local, then you can post your quilt top and backing to us.

We can’t wait to start quilting your beautiful quilts!

More detailed information


Our standard price for a hand guided free motion E2E (edge to edge : an all over quilting design) is $4.50 per square foot but sometimes a quilt will require some additional love and may have some extra charges. We will discuss any requirement for additional charges before we start work on your quilt.

To calculate approximately how much your quilting will cost, measure the width and height of your quilt

for example 70″ x 80″

and then multiply those numbers together

70 x 80 = 5,600

then we divide by 144 to get the square foot size rather than the square inch size

5,600 / 144 = 38.89

then we multiply by the price per square foot

38.89 x 4.50 = $175

Please note that we have a minimum price of $80 per quilt

Batting / wadding will be additional to the quilting cost.


Our Custom quilting price starts at $12.50 per square foot and will be discussed in detail with you and your quilt.


Batting / Wadding – we have a range of batting options that we can use for your quilt. Sorry, but we do not accept batting from our customers as

  1. it adds to the bulk and the cost of you sending your quilt tops to us and
  2. we want to make sure that you love your returned quilt and batting plays a very large part of that!

Currently we stock

  • 80% cotton / 20% polyester wadding
  • Bamboo wadding

We can however source a particular wadding for your project upon discussion.

Things to do before you send us your quilt

Please remove all threads from the back and front of your quilt top. This will help for those stray threads not to be left and quilted in (think a bright red thread showing up behind some nice light background…. not nice!)

Please try and have your quilt top and quilt back as square as possible.

Your quilt backing MUST be at least 5″ wider on ALL sides. For example if your quilt top is 80″ square, your backing needs to be 90″ square. We are happy if it is wider than this! Gives us more room to manoeuvre.

Please press your quilt top and quilt backing and let cool before packaging up and sending to us.


Once we have given you the go ahead to send us your quilt:

  • please wrap your quilt top up well in a plastic bag (in case the parcel gets wet)
  • put your name, contact phone number and return address on a piece of paper inside the box
  • register the parcel and require a signature
  • insure your parcel (call it ‘fabric’ instead of a ‘quilt top’)


We can baste your large quilts for you with an all over meander basting stitch for $2.50 per square foot.

This is a great way to get started on hand quilting a quilt or even doing your own free motion quilting without having to pin or spray baste a large quilt.

We have a $60 minimum fee for basting quilts.


We will make your binding for you!

Just sent us your co-ordinating fabric (we can let you know how much will be required) and we will make up your binding and send it home with your quilted top.

All ready for you to put the binding on your quilt!

We charge $0.15 per inch to make your binding for you.

Some of our work