Our Layby / Deposit Option

For our Pre Orders we offer the ability to pay an initial deposit and then pay the balance off in three other payments.


Our standard is a Monthly option, so pay 25% deposit on ordering and then three more payments of 25% each over the next three months.

We do sometimes offer a longer layby option for when the item is not going to be coming to Australia for a longer time frame. We then offer the Every Two Months option.


This is pay 25% upon ordering then three payments of 25% every second month. This spreads the payments out over a longer period allowing you to budget more easily.

The system will automatically email you a reminder to log back into the website and to go to your My Account page, the Scheduled Orders / Invoices section and to then pay the relevant order.

Once you have paid the full amount, and the product arrives, we will notify you with a shipping amount to pay and then ship your goods to you!


For Pre Orders you can select ‘bill me for shipping later’ as you check out. This way we can work out the best option for shipping when the goods arrive.

We will be in touch and then send you a Paypal invoice for the shipping. Once that is paid we send you your goodies!