Binding Babies

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Binding Babies ARE COMING!!

The Limited Edition Snowman binding baby is in stock (as of 4th May 2022), the others are on order and will arrive in around late June /  early July. Grab yours now!

Binding Babies® Medium by Doohikey Designs are a great addition to your quilting / sewing room. You will love having them help out when you are making your quilt binding, both to store and to help you sew it on!

Binding Babies Medium measure 4” height by 2“ width. They hold up to 2.5” wide folded bindings or up to 2.25” lace, trims, and ribbons perfectly. It’s a way to store and sew on your binding. Simply slip your binding or trim into the slot, wrap around the body, and add a pin or clip to hold in place. You can set it on a shelf until you are ready to add binding to your quilt or trim to your fun sewing project.

How to Care for your Binding Baby:
Use a soft cloth rag, lightly damp the cloth. Gently wipe off the Binding Babies® to remove the dust.

These are a PRE ORDER and will be shipped to you as soon as they arrive (expected late June / early July).

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