Clover Fabric Tube Maker for Jelly Roll Rugs

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UPDATE: these will be restocked in August 2024 when more stock becomes available at the distributor.

The Clover Fabric Tube Maker is the new and improved way to make a Jelly Roll Rug! It has one more component that helps create that second fold, saving time, stress on your hands (a big yay from me!) and allowing you to get to the fun part of the actual jelly roll rug quicker!

Just place the parts on your strips and sew. There is a picture showing how to put the pieces together and there are full instructions in the box. I have also created a video showing you how to make a jelly roll rug, though I forgot to record me putting the fabric INTO the tube maker. It was easy!

The clover fabric tube maker is
・Made of a light weight and extremely smooth plastic resin. Easy and quick fabric feeding.
・Fabric can be double folded in a single operation using both pairs together.
・Used to stitch together 2.5″ strips of fabric (jelly roll strips) with batting (we recommend the cotton Rainbow Batting) for making jelly roll rugs, baskets and more.

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