Jerry’s Jelly Roll Jig

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I discovered the Jerry’s Jelly Roll Jig after I had made a few jelly roll rugs and being a bit frustrated by how long it takes to make the ball of strips before you can start making the actual rug! Coz, you know, I wanted to make LOTS of them!!

But now I have the Jig, the time to get a ball ready to go for the rug is SOOOOO much quicker! No more messing with clips and lots of fiddly folding, just pop your strip and batting into the Rig and start sewing!

Check out the Jerry’s Jelly Roll Jig video here for how it works and see how quick it is! Or have a read of our blog post.

Postage on this is classed by Australia Post as a small parcel (it is 3cm high so will not fit in a standard letter DOH!) so pop some other items into your basket to make the shipping worth while!

You will get a randomly selected colour.

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