Sweetfire Road – Midnight in the Garden – Charm Pack

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Sweetfire Road have created a wonderful collection called Midnight in the Garden. This is what they had to say about the collection’s inspiration.

“As the sun sets over a cottage garden the bright day’s sky slowly turns to the soft blush and gold shades of tiwlight. The night air is scented with fresh earth, ripe berries and sweet apples, and as midnight arrives, the garden is transformed into a strikingly beautiful stillness coloured in shades of charcoal and moonlight. It is a peaceful place of quiet repose and magic, a lovely contrast to the busyiness of the day. Welcome to ‘midnight in the garden’.”

The charm pack has 42 pieces 5″ square of the 27 different prints in the collection plus some duplicates.

These charm packs will arrive 20th Jan 2022

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