Tasha Noel – Pixie Noel 2 – Cheater Print

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Pixie Noel 2 by Tasha Noel is here! With some of the much loved prints from Pixie Noel 1 plus some new prints as well.

The cheater panel has 6″ blocks and there are 7 block across the fabric.

The pattern repeat is about 60cms. 1.5 metres will get you lots of gorgeous blocks to put into your own quilt, or just use as a whole cloth quilt!

This fabric is now available

This print is only sold by WIDTH OF FABRIC! So 1 will get you approximately 25cm x width of fabric. we will try and cut to the nearest block
Put in 2 for a Half Metre
Put in 3 for three quarters of a metre and
Put in 4 for a metre of fabric etc

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