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Quilter’s Gift Ideas

By September 11, 2021blog

Our loved ones might not ‘get’ our hobby (ahem… obsession) but if they are struggling to think of what to get you for a special birthday, or Christmas, or heck, just a ‘thank you for being you and putting up with me’ present…. here are some wonderful ideas for them!

And there are some lovely gift ideas for your quilty friends too….. if you let me know it is for a gift I will wrap it nicely with ribbon so that you don’t even have to worry about that!

Some Lovely Jewellery Options

Maybe a heart necklace of measuring tape in vintage style, a key ring with sewing goodies or a charm bracelet with sewing notions!

Funky Fun Items

What about some hilarious Ruby Star Society socks? (who doesn’t love bacon and eggs…… on our socks!) And these pocket shoppers hold soooo much but fold up beautifully into your handbag or sewing kit. Great for those impromptu quilt shop buys!

What about Sewing Notions?

We have some cute (and yet practical!) notions in stock at the moment…. these gorgeous Moda tins are perfect to hold things like your Alphabitties (help keep track of all those little pieces we cut up for a block) or your SewTites (to help you with your hand sewing!)

Sharp Things Storage

And we also have some cute ways to store the sharp things in your craft room (you know, apart from your wit!). The magnetic needle case is a great way to keep track of your needles whilst sitting handsewing on the couch. And the rotary cutter case is the perfect place to pop your Olfa Rotary Cutter to keep it out of the way of small fingers.

Gift Tin

And there are still a few of these very cute snack box tins jam packed full of goodies….. your loved one could pop it away for your Christmas present or just give it to you now! We are all looking for some things to cheer ourselves up at the moment!

As you can see there are lots of wonderful gift ideas for you to receive or to give! There are a few more fun things in our Notions / Gifts section on the website like thread and ribbon and books.

Have fun thinking about what you could give a friend (or receive yourself!) As always, I am happy to help out a family member to select something for you.

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