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Sew Along – Week 5

By October 23, 2015May 4th, 2018blog

Welcome to Week 5 of our Said With Love Advent Calendar Sew Along!

This week we are going to be sewing all the buttons / embellishments onto your Advent Calendar.

I have used some buttons that I have been stashing for a while….


and some fabric scraps of Hello Darling that I would like to use to make some ‘presents’ under my tree.


and in the past I have found some great Xmas things in scrapbooking / stationery shops like these Xmas lights!


You could add some embroidery ornaments or things under the tree that are special for your family. My niece had just bought a puppy when I made one for her, so I put a little puppy and bone buttons under their Xmas tree!


Or what about making some fabric bunting for the ‘tinsel’ on your tree? Or heck, what about using real tinsel!?!? Let your imagination go 🙂

Really looking forward to seeing how your tree looks! Don’t forget to take some pictures of your progress and post them on Instagram using #SWLAdventCalendarSAL.

Just a tip – I put the wadding (not the backing fabric) and did some basic quilting (around the tree, behind the pockets…. anywhere that will have buttons and will make quilting later difficult) and then attached my buttons on my machine. Once all the buttons are on, I then attached the backing fabric and re-did some of the quilting and did some additional quilting as well.