Aurifil Swatch Book

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The brand new Aurifil Swatch book, or colour card, is now here!

Thew new swatch book allows you to flip out the colours so you can easily put them right up against your fabrics, to make sure you are going to get THE perfect colour thread!

It includes:

  • Compact and easy-to-use layout with removable swatch cards nestled within an attractive and informational cardboard booklet, secured with a sleek metal pin.
  • 15 thread swatch cards wound with Aurifil 40wt thread showcase our breathtaking selection of 270 shades across 12wt, 28wt, 40wt, 50wt, and floss threads.
  • The 88 available hues of our finest 80wt thread and the 74 colors of our Forty3 are indicated by tiny brown and yellow spools to the left of the swatch.
  • Aurifil’s well known color names are conveniently listed alongside color numbers.
  • In addition to the thread swatch cards, we’ve included two informational swatch cards highlighting thread weight details + 7 swatch cards with a handy thread legend to make finding that perfect hue quick and easy.
  • The back of each Swatch Book features important washing instructions for our three color categories.

I love mine!

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