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Swell Christmas Santa

By July 14, 2020blog

I have finally finished my Swell Christmas Santa quilt! WOOHOO!

This one sat for quite a while whilst I was trying to figure out how to put Santa on so that he wasn’t see through…. but more about that a bit further down… first up… here he is!

swell christmas santa

And yep, Santa is BIG!! And oh so cheery! I just love the Swell Christmas fabrics…. I still have lots more sitting in my stash… the colours are just bright and fun and lovely.

I even had my new Binding Baby help me out with my binding

swell christmas santa and binding babies

I had a ball quilting him with swirls and some poinsettia flowers on the log cabin portion of the quilt and I went to town with swirls on his beard.

swell christmas santa beard quilting

And even a motif I thought looked like woollen knitting for his mitten!

swell christmas santa mitten quilting

It is always fun having free reign on my own quilts to go all out!!

swell christmas santa face quilting

OK, some tips for putting Swell Christmas Santa on without having him see through….

Put Santa and some white fabric (you may need to have a seam in this to get it large enough) right sides together and sew around the edge of Santa.

Leave a gap down the bottom of his beard (this will actually be off the quilt so it is a good spot) and then turn Santa through and give him a good press so that his edge is nice and crisp.

Sew him onto the log cabin quilt top. Trim away the log cabin section behind Santa making sure to leave a good seam allowance.

This gives Santa no more see through, and not much bulk behind him so you can quilt him up beautifully!

Having given you those wonderful tips, I didn’t actually do it that way… but definitely will next time! I, sadly, have a raw edge on my Swell Christmas Santa, but it is quilted down well and won’t be noticed when it is being snuggled under or being used as a tree skirt!

swell christmas santa said with love quilt barn

The chooks and ducks enjoyed the Santa photo shoot!

This one is now ready for Xmas in July (only time we get to use christmas quilts as quilts here in Australia!)

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