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The Fabric Husband

By May 29, 2016blog

My hubby (known from now on as #thefabrichusband) is so supportive of my fabric love…. ok, let’s be honest.. my fabric addiction! He has, from time to time, said that it is cheaper (and thankfully less harmful) than drugs! But it is an addiction nevertheless!

He wrote these pointers for other fabric husbands / partners out there. Hilarious! And oh, so uncomfortably close to the truth!

The Australian Fabric Husband Blog



weareallfoolsforlove Be aware the fabric room has some serious weapons in it.  Those fiskar blades that slice through fabric can have a finger tip off before you know it.

The carpet is generally land mined with all sorts of pins and needles and pointy things.

Often this is deliberate to keep unwanted visitors out or hide an expensive fabric delivery.

Your wife will know where these are placed or will secretly keep a map of such booby traps.




Always consider the needs of fabric when purchasing technology.

Does your iPhone have sufficient storage capacity to handle the thousands of fabric and quilt market screenshots and photos? To say nothing of all the patterns downloaded?

Does your internet plan have sufficient bandwidth to stream Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company and Kimberly from The Fat Quarter Shop in high definition AND download Instagram de-stash feeds at the same time?




Learn the difference between fabric related squeals and calls for help.

It’s important not to confuse screams of sheer excitement when your wife gets tagged by Lori Holt in her Instagram feed, and say her scream when she comes across a venomous copperhead snake in the chook shed.

Over time you will learn the subtle differences and save yourself a potential heart attack.




Although spending time analysing your retirement investments is worthwhile don’t forget that many fabric purchases are made in US Dollars.  Always keep abreast of foreign exchange rates and when the rates are in your favour, buy lots of US Dollars. This may help you still be able to eat during your retirement after all the new lines of Moda fabric get released.

Budgeting: don’t forget to keep fabric up there with other essentials such as food and electricity (although apparently we can survive without food for a bit….!)

And thankfully you will never be at a loss for presents – fabric is always well received.


A new Home


When the time comes for you to move to a new home, you will find out very quickly that sewing space is more important than… well… anything. Not enough rooms for all the children? Nowhere to actually eat? That’s ok as long as there is a dedicated room for sewing.


Normal Behaviour


This is just to let partners out there know that the following behaviour is normal from your fabric enabled other half:

Reviewing overnight Instagram feeds before getting out of bed is normal. And before talking to you. Or going to the toilet.

When travelling it is OK to bring along an essential fabric stash, even its just to fondle. Holiday spots are ranked by the ability to take a sewing machine along.

Hours spent sorting fabric by designer and / or theme is normal. It’s sort of like the fabric Dewey Decimal system for sorting library books.


My hubby now has his own Instagram feed @thefabrichusband where he will be continuing his insights into being a fabric partner 🙂




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