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Farm Girl Vintage 2 – Milking Cow

By January 31, 2020February 27th, 2020blog

Welcome back to #farmgirlfridays with @beelori and @fatquartershop !

The first of this week’s blocks is the Milking Cow (face features and tail will be added via some embroidery before quilting!).

We have some black cows in a paddock near us, but they would NOT cooperate with being in a photo shoot… the weather is too hot at the moment and they were laying under some shade waaaay over the other side of the paddock, so no cute photo shoot for me!

And the second block is the Maple leaf…. this was a nice simple block after a few with lots of pieces, so I enjoyed whipping this one up quickly! And we don’t have any maple trees around us, so no cute photo prop there either! Hehehe… the struggle for cute photos is real people!

I still have quite a few blocks to go for my sampler quilt… including next week’s SERIOUSLY cute Mr. Scarecrow!.

There are so many fun options for quilts at the back of Lori’s Farm Girl Vintage 2 book….. I am doing my own take on the Truck quilt on the right hand page of the book above. I can’t wait to get it all together to see if the layout in my mind works well!

And here is a quick update on Farm Life here this week. We now have had 14 ducklings from the first two mumma ducks and 7 from another duck… bringing our total of ducks to 33!!

Sadly, Mr Fox came to visit and we lost one teenager, two small ones and one of our mumma ducks (pretty sure she would have been defending her little ones!) all in one night. And we gave one away to a visitor the other day.

So we now have 28 ducks. Once we know who are girls and boys there will be some ‘going to visit the farmer next door’ so that we have a harmonious flock.

And this is Sleepy, one of the teenagers, he has a great attitude and is really quirky….. whether he is a boy or girl, Sleepy will be staying with us!

Have a great week everyone!


  • Becky DeVries says:

    How can I order the milking cow pattern ?

    • SWL-admin says:

      Hi, the Milking Cow pattern is in the Lori Holt book called Farm Girl Vintage 2 – it is a fabulous book and well worth purchasing! I don’t have any available, but many quilt shops do have stock.

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