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Inventory Quilt Project

By January 29, 2020May 6th, 2023blog

Have you ever heard of an Inventory quilt? Neither had I until @jessicaquilter did an Instagram post about it and Elizabeth from @justwannaquilt started talking about it on the podcast (which I listen to!).

It is a way of using up a little bit from your stash and making it into a quilt…. taking an ‘inventory’ of what is in your stash.

I liked this idea from two perspectives…. one it would be great to make a quilt from a particular colourway in my stash…. maybe the blues or reds (my faves)… so that all these amazing fabrics I have picked up over time (usually just a FQ of each) will be forever immortalised in a quilt that gets used!

Coz, lets face it….. having those beautiful fabrics sitting on a shelf or in a drawer just doesn’t show them off to their fullest potential, right?!

This is the original Inventory Quilt made by @jessicaquilter of hexies cut from her stash.

And secondly it would be a wonderful way to use (and get into a finished project!) some of those really PRECIOUS fabrics in my stash. Not committing to using up ALL of it… just little bits of it!

Willow (of @bearpaw_stitchdesign ) has created an AWESOME project (below) for her Inventory quilt and I reached out to her and now I am involved in the Project as a designer!

I have tweaked my Charm Medley pattern to be able to be made SUPER SCRAPPY…. and will be sharing the new quilt closer to May which is my turn to be highlighted in the Inventory Project.

Let’s just say….. a scrappy low volume background is quickly becoming my all time favourite background!!

And I think I will even be on the podcast, so stay tuned to hear about that! (sadly cancelled due to COVID)

So if you are looking to sew from your stash this year, check out the Inventory Quilt Project on Instagram (head to @justwannaquilt on Instagram or the Just Wanna Quilt website ) or these hashtags on Instagram #justwannainventoryquilt #inventoryquilt There is also a Facebook Group too.

Sew…. let’s get inventoring!

This is my low volume scrappy background Charm Medley quilt!


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