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How to view Instagram advert free and in chronological order?

By May 19, 2023blog

Whaaaat?! I hear you say? Is this even possible? And the answer my friends, is yes!

I was so sad when Instagram stopped showing my feed in chronological order…. I felt I missed so many posts from people I was following! The connection with what people were doing and making was gone.

And now with their ‘algorithm’ you barely see people’s posts, your feed is just full of adverts and ‘suggested posts’! Argh. Seriously, I can last about 3 minutes before I just close down the app and go and do something else.

BUT there is a way to see your Instagram feed advert free, suggested post free AND in chronological order! Yay!

Open the app on your phone. Click on the Instagram word in the top left hand corner (there is a small down arrow just to the right that indicates that it is a drop down).

Select ‘Following’

And voila! Your feed will now be in chronological order and there aren’t any adverts to peeve you. Just the gorgeous posts from all the accounts you follow (you know, like your favourite fabric store!).

You can scroll down your feed and see everything that all the accounts you follow have posted since the last time you checked Instagram!

You do need to do this EVERY TIME you go into the app to look at things, but it becomes a habit after a while, and that tiny little inconvenience is more than made up by seeing creative makes and beautiful fabrics and updates from friends!

I hope you go and try it!

You can even go further and mark some accounts you follow as ‘favourites’ and you can select that from the drop down and just see those posts. But as I think ALL the accounts I follow are favourites (I followed them to see all their posts duh!) I just stick with ‘following’.

To mark an account as favourite, click on the 3 dots on the top right hand corner of any of their posts (and once they are a favourite they have a little star up there too)

You will see options for the account – click on the Add to Favourites. The account will get a star and then if you select ‘Favourites’ instead of ‘Following’ when you first open up Instagram, you will only see the posts from your favourite accounts.

I hope this has helped you navigate Instagram and see more of the content you LOVE and less of the ads you don’t!

And if you aren’t already following me on Instagram, please do! My Instagram account is @said_with_love


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