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Amy Butler Weekender Bag – Tiger Fly version

By May 2, 2020June 26th, 2020blog

I have just finished my third Amy Butler Weekender Bag! Yay!

Every time I make one of these, I say ‘never again’ hehe…. yet I keep on going back 🙂

This one I made as part of the Weekender Bag class I ran in the Quilt Barn recently. We had one wonderful day together starting to put the bag together and then sadly the second day of the class had to be done via videos and Zoom because of the pandemic shut downs.

I used Tiger Fly by Ruby Star Society as I just loved this panel with the tigers and trees! (and there are a few metres of this panel in cream and grey still left in my shop as of April 2020)

I did lots of quilting on the side pocket panels and side main panels…. I just couldn’t help myself! All my quilting and putting together of this bag is using 50wt Aurifil Thread.

As usual the sticking point with making this bag is putting the lining in…. it is hand sewing (not really my favourite thing!). I tried it a different way this time and it was a bit better. However there are still some tweaks that I would make if I ever make a fourth one…… hehehe…. maybe after another year or two!

And I always add in an internal zipper pocket too.

So here is the finished Weekender Bag! And it is just going to have to wait to get used until we are allowed to get out and about after COVID-19 shut downs. I am hopeful that here in Australia we will be able to lift some restrictions by the end of May/early June and maybe even be able to travel interstate by the end of the year.

It would be lovely to be able to put my Weekender Bag to good use and go and visit my folks!

Where are you looking forward to being able to visit once the shutdowns are eased?

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