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Project Sweetwater – Lucy’s Crab Shack

By July 8, 2024blog

Sweetwater have done it again! They have reprinted some of the fabulous prints from the Lucy’s Crab Shack collection from way, way back!

This collection was before my time of fabric collecting (it was released in May 2012!), so I have only managed to get a few things through destashes etc. And I am yet to actually make anything with it!

So I was thrilled to open up my Project Sweetwater box to find yardage in there with LOTS of the prints on it!

Watch my unboxing video to see what was included in the box!

And Sweetwater popped in a taster of their new Threads products which are woven labels for your projects / quilts!

Beautiful quality and they printed these in co-ordinating colours for Lucy’s Crab Shack – I am looking forward to seeing more of these labels for their upcoming collections too!

It really is encouraging me to get and make something with these fabrics finally!

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