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Aurifil Tins – Tula Pink and Anna Maria Horner are here!

By April 3, 2020blog

What a wonderful delivery today! My Aurifil Tins arrived – yay!

I had ordered these way back in November last year, so it was so exciting to finally get them!

This is the Anna Maria Horner one

And this is the Tula Pink one

I did a video unveiling of both of the boxes and they are definitely as gorgeous as their promo shots!

So much glorious Aurifil Thread! I think I was in heaven….

The Tula Pink video shows all the 50 weight thread which is all that I use for my piecing and my quilting. And there are some divine colours in there!

The Anna Maria Horner video shows the 50 weight but also the 80 weight (very fine for applique) and the 12 weight (for embroidery and embellishments) so I am looking forward to trying both of those out!

And the tins themselves are wonderful! A lovely gold colour and the lids have vibrant images on them.

I plan on using them to store some of my WIPs (works in progress) in some style!

Have you ever tried Aurifil Thread before?

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