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Birthday celebrations!

By May 4, 2017May 9th, 2017blog

It was my birthday recently…. one of those zero birthdays… but you are getting the presents!

There are six possible prizes that will be drawn out on Sunday evening (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

The first prize is the Pink prize

A cute kit to make a pink cushion, two FQ of pink fabric, pink numbered pins and a pink water bottle!

The Black Prize is next

A black mug, 4 fat eights of Infinity fabric, 1 FQ of the cute telephone fabric and a pattern book!

The Yellow Prize will cheer you up after all that black

A fabulous Sweetwater kit complete with 3 FQ of fabric to make the cute basket plus another 2 FQ of yellow fabric.

The Heart Prize

Includes a gorgeous applique quilt pattern, 2 FQ of fabric, daisy buttons, a pin cushion and a heart container.

The Notions Prize

Has two FQ of fabric, a Sew needle holder, many notions such as needles, screen wipers, stylus, full sewing kit all in their own sweet Janome tin!

The final grand prize is a Moda Frivols tin with Windermere fabric in it! And this very cute purse holder with hearts on it… hmm.. maybe that should have been in the hearts prize?! 🙂


Leave a comment here on the blog AND sign up to follow my blog (it is down in the footer of the website and in the right sidebar of this post). Tell me which prize you would love to win.

And if you are on Instagram too you can get some more entries in by following the instructions on my post there too 🙂

There is some fine print that only the pink and yellow prizes are open to International (or if you don’t want the mug, the black prize too) as the cost of postage on heavy things is just prohibitive from Australia!

I just want to share the love – I so enjoy writing my blog and sharing my quilt makes with everyone (and I LOOOOVE Instagram), I want to send some happy mail to others too!




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  • Paula Pike says:

    Happy, wonderful belated Birthday! Those special ones with zeros are definitely milestones. I love your posts and designs. Your studio pics are pretty inspiring as well. I hope your birthday was spectacular and your birthyear ahead is filled with love, joy, good food and loads of sewing fun.

  • Susan Spiers says:

    The yellow would be my choice-the little spring basket is so cute! and, I need yellow in my quilting life! Thank you, Susan

  • Susan Spiers says:

    Happy belated Birthday! The yellow would be my choice-the little spring basket is so cute! and I need yellow in my quilting life! Thank you,Susan

  • Rochelle Summers says:

    What a lovely way to celebrate YOUR Birthday. I’m in the US so just want to say “Happy Birthday”.

  • Kathy E. says:

    Happy Birthday to you! How sweet of your to share your celebrations with your readers!
    I am a Bloglovin’ follower of yours! I would choose the Pink Prize since I am in the US.
    duchick at gmail dot com

  • I just ❤️ those big birthday celebrations! Cheers!

  • Wendy says:

    Happy birthday! I have a big one ending in zero coming up! I’d love to win the yellow prize

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