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Bunny Trail Fabric

By August 10, 2016November 20th, 2017blog

Jodie Carleton of Jodi Ric Rac fame has released her latest fabric line Bunny Trail and it is GORGEOUS!


Jodie gave out some mini charms at Cotton Factory Unplugged and I manged to miss out on getting my hands on some of those, but Jodie sent me some of her scraps later and they are the cutest scraps I have ever seen! 🙂


I have been in need of a new knitting needle case (I swear those knitting needles multiply like bunny rabbits in my cupboard!) so I thought bunny fabric would be appropriate 🙂

Pretty by Hand has a great little pattern for a rounded pencil case which I just extended to be longer to fit my needles. And I put together all the little scraps into some improv patchwork.

I am totally in love with the little radishes!




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