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Dog Gone to Bed

By April 28, 2016blog

When I first saw the Dog Gone pattern as part of the sew along that Sew Fresh was having last year, I knew my friends Mia and Mac, along with their new puppy Bentley, would just NEED a doggy bed made from this!

DoggybedI tweaked the pattern so that it looked a little like Bentley… well…. if you screw your eyes up a bit and turn off the lights maybe….. 🙂

It is a great block to make and I made four, and put some big sashing in between (to make it up to a size so Bentley wouldn’t be drooping off the ends) and then made it into a dog bed.

First I had to text Mac and ask her (out of the blue as this was a surprise) to measure Bentley! Neither of them were very sure what was going on…… 🙂



I wanted to use bean bag beans inside the doggy bed, so I made up an insert the same size as the doggy bed with a zip enclosure and at the end of the doggy bed I put some velcro closures to keep the insert inside and safe. Hopefully the weight of the puppy dog won’t put too much pressure on my seams! I couldn’t fill it up with beans to see what it looked like as I had to post it to Brisbane.


Apparently Bentley is still in the ‘I love to chew things’ stage… so there will be no beans for a little while!

I didn’t quilt it – but the next time I make one I might be tempted to do that as I am not sure how much washing my block piecing will be able to withstand.

A fun project and Bentley seems to like it!