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Dream Big Quilt

By April 13, 2016July 25th, 2019blog

For a person who doesn’t like orange very much, and who hasn’t liked lime green since I painted every piece of furniture in my room that colour (age 11), I was drawn to Reel Time by Zenchic straight away. It is a great orange and green colour palette!

And as my funky graphic-designer cousin was about to have a baby, I came up with my Dream Big quilt design.


Very bright and vibrant and plays off the ‘dream big, little one’ quilts I have seen on Instagram. I shortened it to just Dream Big, just in case mum thought this was more a quilt for her rather than bub!

I just love the cool prints of movie credits (and yes, the fabric designer has put her name in there!) and film strips etc.

I chose to use needleturn applique for the letters and boy once I started I wished I hadn’t…… I take SOOOO much time to do it! Each letter was a chore and took so much time. But I much prefer the look of needleturn applique than machine applique, don’t you?


so please don’t look too closely at my needle skills (especially those sharp inside corners!)… and let’s just say that the font didn’t have a dot on the i letter…….. (ok, ok, so I totally wasn’t going to attempt something that TINY!!) 🙂

I quilted straight lines over most of the quilt, but did some clouds around the words… I thought daydreaming should include fluffy clouds.


I put a strip of some left over 5″ squares on the back just to break up the backing.


Now to see if mumma and bub like it!

This finished quilt was part of my Second Quarter 2016 Quilting Plan for the @FAL2016 hosted by @finishalong on IG