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Farm Boy Quilt

By November 26, 2015November 20th, 2017blog

My great-nephew Oscar is moving into his ‘big boy’ bed this Christmas which he is very excited about!

His parents have started getting his bedroom ready with a REALLY COOL bunk bed which looks like a bus! Oh how I wished I had one like that when I was a kid!!!

So I wanted to add to the excitement of his new bedroom by making a quilt / doona cover.

The idea for the quilt pattern all started with Oscar LOVING our ride on mower that he calls ‘Tractor’. His Gruncle (great-uncle Ian) does videos / facetime whilst riding around our property on Tractor and Oscar just loves it. “more! more!” is the catch cry 🙂

So I started making tractor blocks…..

redtractor bluetractor

A red one, a blue one and a green one (just like our John Deere…. well… if John Deere came in a cute Gooseberry fabric pattern!)


And then all the animals that we have around us… chickens, sheep and some of Oscar’s favourite fruits of apples and blueberries. I used Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage blocks for just about all of the quilt except there wasn’t a cow block (at the time – there is one now!) so I go that from The Patch Smith.

apple  cowanimals

And one of Oscar’s most favourite of our animals are our ducks…. and there was no duck block to be found anywhere! So I created one of my own. You can purchase the duckie block pattern here 🙂


And to make the quilt more usable, I made it into a doona (duvet) cover. It only has thin wadding/batting in the quilt top and I added a doona back to it. Then when it gets cool during winter they can pop a doona inside for lots of extra snuggly warmth.



Oscar received it last week and he LOVED it! (little brother Felix wanted to get in on the opening act as well!)



He wanted to sleep with it that night (it has been about 35 degrees C all day and only got down to about 25 degrees C overnight!!) but his mum let him go to sleep with it on, took a quick picture and then took it off so he wouldn’t overheat!