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Farm Girl Vintage 2 – Mixing it up

By February 7, 2020February 10th, 2020blog

Welcome back to #farmgirlfridays ! This week’s block is the Mixing Bowl. This one isn’t going in my sampler either, so I will be making this into a placemat for the kitchen table. However time has gotten away from me this week.

It’s been one of ‘those’ weeks where I asked myself if it was Tuesday…. on Thursday. Doh!

So my Mr. Scarecrow block is still in pieces. I had really hoped to get it finished up last night but we had a huge thunderstorm with bucketing rain (inside the sunroom!) and pea sized hail…. so we were a little distracted in ensuring the rest of the house stayed dry on the inside and everything outside was under cover!

But I am not going to complain about the rain…. it was wonderful hearing that noise on the tin roof!

So Mr. Scarecrow will get made up over the weekend and I’ll post about him next week!

And a Farm Life update…. sadly Mr Foxy came and took Sleepy away…. I really miss his laconic face and sticky up hairdo and squawk when he saw me.

@thefabrichusband and I took advantage of the lovely summer evening light a few nights ago to get some quilt photos done… and Ian took the chance to get the neighbour’s John Deere in the shoot too!

Sometimes his little John Deere ride on mower just doesn’t cut the mustard!

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  • Anorina says:

    I really like your mixing bowl block and that red/white print which you used is lovely.
    We’ve had a fair bit of rain here over the past 24 hours too and it’s glorious. Hope your roof leak is all sorted now.

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