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Girt By Sea Round 3

By September 5, 2017November 20th, 2017blog

I have slowly been plugging away on my Girt By Sea quilt.

I realised that the hearts I added for round 2 (there was supposed to be needle turn appliqued circles but I just.could.not.face.them) was not added in properly! I needed to have the hearts facing into the centre in true medallion style.

So…. me and Mr. Jack Ripper spent some quality time together taking off all the hearts and re-adding them facing into the centre…. and then I added on the next round – the mountains!

When I looked at the picture afterwards, I realised that the mountains on top of the heart round makes extra large hearts!

As a heart is the logo of my crafty business, Said With Love, I think that is just a nice bit of serendipity 🙂

And argh… the perfectionist in me is looking at the hearts in the corners and wondering if I could somehow angle them so the point goes into the corner….. hmmmm…. I wonder if Mr Ripper and I will be having another date soon before Round 4….?


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