Indulge in Stitches

By June 7, 2016November 20th, 2017blog

This last weekend I travelled with my mum to the Barossa Valley, South Australia to Maggie Beer’s Farm for the Indulge In Stitches weekend.


The setting was divine – the sun was shining (after torrential rain the day before) and there were lots of excited women lining up to start a day of stitching!


10 tables of 10 women each so you can imagine the noise level as everyone poured in and started chatting 🙂

My mum and I sat at a table with 8 other women from around South Australia and Perth.

Everyone was given a goody bag – HAND MADE! With our own thread keeper attached 🙂


There were three patterns in there that we could choose to start for the day. Both mum and I chose the bunting pattern


But the bikes looked great as well!


Maybe when I finish the bunting I can get onto the bikes!

As you can imagine being held at Maggie Beer’s farm – the food was delicious!

I couldn’t let mum just bring her sewing bits and bobs in her handbag, so I made her a Bionic Gear Bag made out of Sue Daley’s Raspberry Parlour fabric.


We had a lovely time and it was a great mother – daughter day 🙂

This finished quilt was part of my Second Quarter 2016 Quilting Plan for the @FAL2016 hosted by @finishalong on IG



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