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Little Darlings Woodland Quilt

By November 27, 2020blog

This so-cute fabric range arrived in the shop last week and I really did stop, drop and make a quilt! I couldn’t resist!

Little Darlings Woodland has a panel with THE most cutest animals on it and then a border print, an allover animal print and a co-ordinating cross hatch print.

They were just itching to be put together and made into a quick kid’s quilt! I mean, look at that goofy sloth face!!

So I trimmed the panel to be nice and square (they never seem to be square off the bolt!) and then added a little bit more of the grey cross hatch to make the spaces around the outside of the animals consistent.

Then I added borders on all sides and some of the grey cross hatch in the corners (saved me having to try and mitre the corners or something snazzy!)

I think I giggled the entire time I was making this quilt (which by the way only took about 4 hours all up from cutting to binding!) every time I saw that sloth I cracked up!

There are two different borders in the border print and the smaller animal strips I put onto the back of the quilt along with the all over print.

I worked quite hard on a pieced backing for it, but the visual difference in size between the small animal border strips and the all over animal print wasn’t that much, so the work I put in didn’t really pay off. Next time I would just put all the left over border strips together and the all over animal print around them.

Here is the backing just before it went on Lily the Longarm

Another option might have just been to do a solid backing of the all over animal print and use those left over border prints to embellish a pillow case or cushion? You can benefit from my trial and error!

I am looking forward to giving this to a new bub for Christmas (and hey, I even have time to make another one they were so quick!) and can just image them having some crawl time on the floor on it

The fabric is all up online if you want to make one of your own quick kiddie quilts

And if you would like me to make up a bundle so you can make one exactly like mine, just get in touch with me! I’d love to make one up for you.

And for our New Zealand friends, we now do shipping from our online shop to you!

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