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MPavilion Quilt Challenge – Making

By October 27, 2023November 14th, 2023blog

All my fabric is ironed and looking lovely – ready for me to get stuck into some cutting and sewing!

My quilt design is mostly rectangles… so the cutting wasn’t too difficult. And I am loving the colours all together! (yes, even the orangey one).

However there are also cirlces… well, part circles in my design!

So I had to remember how to do curved piecing… thankfully it came back quickly!

I am making 3/4 circles, not full circles and I hope that they look good in my final design (which I can’t show you until the middle of November!!).

So it has been nose down, sewing, sewing, sewing!

It is all coming together really well, the final quilt top is now together and ready to be quilted!

Stay tuned for the next MPavilion quilt challenge update!

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