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Peaceful Planet Sew Along – Week 2

By October 25, 2017May 4th, 2018blog

Welcome to week 2 of our Peaceful Planet sew along!

If you missed last week it isn’t too late to join us, this is one of the Said With Love’s relaxed sew alongs… you can join in at any time! Check out this first post for what it is all about 🙂

I am doing a mixture of all three of Elizabeth Hartman’s patterns Fancy Forest, Awesome Ocean and Delightful Desert. FYI Delightful Desert is going to be here in Australia early November – don’t forget that will be getting them and you can use the code EHpatternoffer to get a discount off the price!

They are all gorgeous and I am doing most of the creatures from each pattern, just not many of each block!

I am starting at the bottom of my quilt and working on the ocean creatures first.

In my plan for the single bed quilt I have about 52 blocks to make and I want to have it finished by the 13th December…. so I need to be making about 6 blocks a week! Gulp! *as she rushes away from computer to make blocks!!

However, this sew along is going to be for 12 weeks (then a reveal week of our quilt tops / finished items etc) so I am going to show 4 blocks a week so I can have a good reveal along with everyone else.

This week sees me making 2 preppy the whale blocks and as I am going to put my great-nephew’s name on his quilt, I will make up his name blocks this week too. I am using the Spelling Bee book by Lori Holt for these 🙂  I just need to be disciplined as I don’t want to get side tracked on looking at all the other cute things in that book!!

So here are my two preppy the whale blocks! I like things to be symmetrical…. so where necessary I am flipping the creature around so they all look into the middle of the quilt 🙂

We have been chatting about how some of the animals (the owl in particular) look very grumpy! So where possible I will be adding a smile to my creatures. We decided that Preppy was a mamma whale… she has that resigned face as she is putting up with her little one!

And the letters for my great-nephew’s name Felix!

The letters were very quick and easy to sew up!

I can’t wait to see what people sew up this week! (and remember it isn’t too late to join in if you want to have a go!)




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