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Quick Christmas Fabric Gift Tags Tutorial

By November 27, 2017blog

I couldn’t resist making these Christmas Fabric Gift Tags today – such a quick and fun project that has started to get me into the Christmas mood!

I had bought these craft paper/card gift tags from our local $2 shop – you know the sort of shop where you go in wanting some chalk and come out with a basket full of interesting things you didn’t know you needed?!!

And last year after Christmas I had bought these gorgeous Kaiser Papercraft paper pads – some really gorgeous papers in here but down the back there were these very cute little gift tags / circles / words.

But it wasn’t until I had been making some Key Fobs for my upcoming Christmas market here in Daylesford and using up some left over Christmas layer cake squares that I finally decided to make up those gift tags!

FYI : The key fobs use 4″ x 10″ strips, so from my 10″ square I had a 2″ x 10″ strip left over and it was *just* the right size for those gift tags!

So I cut my fabric (2″ x 3″), removed a co-ordinating little paper circle and got out the glue! I placed a small drizzle of glue in the middle of the tag.

and then used an old business card to spread it out thinly in the centre of the tag. (best use of old business cards!)

Then I place the fabric onto the glue and pressed down to ensure no air bubbles or glue bubbles were there (wiping up with a paper towel any extra bits of glue that oozed out) and then placed the paper adornment with its own bit of glue on top.

I then placed them between a huge stack of old magazines to make sure they stayed flat whilst drying.

These are all ready to be used on my gifts this Christmas!

Requirements for Christmas Fabric Gift Tags

Pre-cut gift tags from card stock (or cut out your own – these are about 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″)

2″ x 3″ scrap of fabric

Christmas circle/word (could fussy cut some old Christmas cards from last year too!)

Paper Glue (I used aquadhere)


These would be a fun craft to do with the kids too!

I have linked up this tutorial to Quilting Jetgirl’s Tips and Tutorials Tuesday post – check it out (and the previous weeks as well) for some great tutorials!


  • These are a sweet and wonderful idea! Would you consider linking them up to Tips and Tutorials Tuesday?

  • SWL says:

    Thanks Yvonne for the reminder – I have just added it to your Tips post!

  • Julie says:

    Hello Anne, did you download the paper circles or purchase them?
    We’re thinking of also putting a piece of plain paper on the back for people to write the name of the ‘giftee’

    • SWL says:

      Hi Julie, they were part of the little book of papers from KaiserCraft – they were easy light cardboard pop outs! So super simple! But you could just as easily cut out circles (or squares might be easier!) from old Christmas Cards or paper and glue on.
      And a great idea for the back of the tag!

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