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Ruby Star Society Spring Sewalong 2023

By March 21, 2023May 5th, 2023blog

I love how the Ruby Star Society girls have regular, fun sewalongs each season…. these are not difficult patterns, just fun and easy ways to make things using their gorgeous fabrics!

This season (spring in the Northern Hemisphere, Autumn in the Southern) is their Swatch Quilt

This is a free downloadable pattern here and you need 1//3 yard of 12 different fabrics… and they have used woven fabrics for their samples.

I tweaked things a little bit and used a layer cake of Warp and Weft Honey (there are some available at the time of writing this post)

The woven fabric feels great and the RSS girls have put some amazing colours together! A very bright eclectic collection.

I tweaked the Swatch pattern a little bit… it requires 4.5″ x 10.5″ blocks, however as I had a layer cake that is only 10″ wide, I just cut the layer cake squares into (2) 4.5″ x 10″ blocks.

Quickest cutting out of a quilt EVER!

There are actually 7 layer cake squares that are normal quilting cotton and I wasn’t going to use them. But realised I needed one to get the 6 rows of 12 blocks, so I grabbed the pink square!

And in less than half an hour, the quilt top was done!

I did then decide that I wanted it a little bit bigger…. if I had used up all the other colours of quilting cotton squares, I could have just eked out a seventh row and that *might* have been enough…. but I had already sewn everything together by then!

So I shopped my stash and found some original Cotton + Steel prints for the top and bottom and the sides. It was fun finding things in my stash to add to this project!

So here is my finished Swatch Quilt with borders quilt top! It is bright and cheery and eclectic! I am thinking of a dark navy RSS print for the backing to be of a calm against the brightness. This will be added to my “to be quilted” queue!

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