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Sew A Jelly Roll Day Fun

By September 14, 2017August 27th, 2021blog

International Sew A Jelly Roll Day is almost here (this Saturday 16th September) 🙂

A fabulous time to crack open one of those beautiful jelly rolls we all seem to love stacking up and displaying!

I have narrowed my choice down to two, but I am having trouble deciding on which jelly roll to open up – Farmer’s Daughter or Sunday Supper….. I am leaning towards Sunday Supper….. maybe…..

I would love to have everyone here at my house sewing along together, but distance makes that pretty impossible sadly…. so… how about we sew along together?

  • Post a picture on Instagram of your jelly roll stash / sewing / fun on Saturday
  • use the hashtag #SWLjellyrollday
  • tag me @anneboundy
  • follow me on Instagram

There will be two prizes.

I will select someone from Australia on Sunday night (Australian time) to win a hand cut layer cake of Eureka by Emma Jean Jansen (sorry, I just couldn’t part with a jelly roll!!!!)

And the second prize will be an international friend and they will win a copy of my Jelly Roll Patch pattern AND my Advent Calendar pattern.

[last picture courtesy of Janeene at The Fabric Patch who by the way has HEAPS of jelly rolls available and is running a competition to win one this week – check out her instagram too @fabricpatch]

Hope you have a great day on Saturday and that you can fit in some Jelly Roll sewing!



  • Tammy Knight says:

    how wonderful Anne. I wish i was not busy the weekend… as i do have a couple of things I’d wanted to do with a Jr.. sadly I only have nowdays, and its not really the fabric i want to use for it LOL, so maybe lucky ‘Im off IG this week. will be even sadder otherwise, but look forward to seeing all later 🙂 Have fun!!

  • Christi says:

    I am in the US but have fun everyone and do lots of sewing.

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