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Sunday Supper Jelly Roll Patch

By October 17, 2017December 30th, 2017blog

I started a Jelly Roll Patch quilt using Sunday Supper on the Sew a Jelly Roll Day in September.

We had a great day (and ate some delicious yummies!) and whilst I didn’t get as far as I expected on the day (too much eating and chatting!) I have managed to get it all finished now 🙂

I love the Sunday Supper colours and thought a dark grey background would make a great boy quilt 🙂

Now, the Jelly Roll Patch pattern is one of mine, and on the day I just went ahead and started cutting and sewing  (and eating and chatting) … it wasn’t until I went to make the back that I realised I hadn’t followed my own instructions!!

I cut up ALL my strips instead of leaving four strips to add either side of the long scrappy strip. This meant that my backing wasn’t wide enough when it came time to baste. ARGH.

Luckily I had bought some extra Sunday Supper yardage so I cut an extra strip to place next to the scrappy strip to make it just wide enough.

So here is the finished quilt.

So finally woohoo, another finish to my year of quilts and another one to go into my present stash for Xmas.

Part of my fourth quarter #2017FAL  #2017FALSWL



  • Great solution for the backing, and how awesome to have such a beautiful, double sided quilt!

  • Brenda Ackerman says:

    I really like the way that this quilt turned out! Sometimes, when we make “mistakes” they are lovely and bring about a whole new pattern that works well. Using grey as the background for the boy quilt is also a wonderful idea that I always seem to forget about. So thank you for sharing all of this great post with us! I really received some wonderful ideas!

  • Sarah says:

    Well done on a lovely finish and a creative backing to such a beautiful quilt. On behalf of the 2017 FAL hosts, thank you for participating in this quarter’s Finish Along.

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