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T-Shirt instead of elastic for your face mask?

By August 22, 2020blog

Now that we have all been wearing face masks for a while now, it has become abundantly clear that my husband is ‘special’ : )

He cannot wear a mask with elastic over his ears! His ears are quite soft and sensitive and the elastic just falls off his ears! Resulting in a mask that does not stay on his face. oops!

So I spent a while trying different things that various people had suggested and discovered that an old t-shirt really is fabulous!

Luckily I just happen to have a whole heap of very old t-shirts and polo shirts in my wardrobe that were in desperate need of getting rid of…. now they are getting a new life!

I have created a quick video to show you how a strip of t-shirt material can replace elastic quickly and easily. Watch the video here.

@thefabrichusband has been wearing these masks for a week now and he is much happier. They stay on, his ears don’t hurt and as a bonus, a few t-shirts didn’t end up in the rag pile!

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