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Tailored Swell Quilt

By March 20, 2016November 20th, 2017blog

Well this is where my slight OCD tendancies really came out!

I have loved seeing everyone’s swell quilt (by Camille Roskelly in her book Simply Retro) in various scrappy fabric ranges and I wanted to make one of my own.


I received Strawberry Fields Revisited and fell in love with the Figtree Quilts fabric!! Even the brown tones!!



So I cut up my fabric and started laying it out…. and I HATED it scrappy. It looked like a dog’s breakfast. Actually like the breakfast the dog ate and then threw up.


So…..I ‘tailored’ it – nicely put together so it made nice crosses out of the same fabric and I loved it!


It is supposed to be for a new baby….but…. I am hoping the mum picks the other quilt so I can keep this one!! 🙂 And I have JUST the label for the backing 🙂



This finished quilt was part of my First Quarter 2016 Quilting Plan for the @FAL2016 hosted by @finishalong on IG