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The Avenue QAL – the finish

By September 29, 2021blog, The Avenue QAL

This sewalong has been lots of fun! People have been making quilts, tweaking the size of the quilt to suit their needs, making wall hangings, even making a topper for their dresser and bedside cupboards! It has been fabulous seeing all the creativity.

I only just managed to get my quilt finished in time for today’s post…. and I love it! It has turned out even more gorgeous than I had hoped. And here she is in all her glory on a beautiful spring day in our orchard.

As I mentioned last week, I added in two colour borders with an extra low volume border in between… it is my personalisation of the quilt!

And I found the PERFECT digital quilting design to do for my quilt…… Paris from Intelligent Quilting. The A is the Eiffel Tower…. which holds lots of memories for me… I celebrated my 40th birthday at the restaurant up the Eiffel Tower with Ian and two of my aunts. I mean, if you have to turn 40, then do it in style!

And as it was such a gorgeous spring day I took some pictures all around our garden and house.

I just wanted to grab a book and a couple of cushions and settle in for the rest of the afternoon and daydream about Paris in spring time.

I hope everyone has enjoyed seeing my finished quilt and all the other people’s creations over on our Facebook Sewalong and Quilting group or on Instagram with the hashtag #theavenueqal

Our next sewalong is going to the Stitch Pink 2021 which was supposed to start on October 1st but has been delayed until the middle to late October due to fabric delays. Read more about the two sewalongs we are doing

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